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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The foundation is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (53801369).

All handmade articles are the only one of its kind, meaning that the articles can deviate from the pictures on the website.

The strands, beads and pendants are photographed with care, but due to differences in resolution the color can deviate from the image on your screen.

All orders through the web shop are to be paid in advance. You will receive an invoice by e-mail. This contains:

  • ·        The total amount due (including shipping).
  • ·        The required information to pay for the order.
  • ·        The expected delivery time, provided the order is paid.
  • ·        Your unique ordering code.

Use this unique code with your payment. Your order will be held in anticipation of your payment for 10 working days. If you pay later or forget to mention the ordering code, we cannot guarantee your order will still be in stock. Please notify us within these 10 days when your payment is delayed.

If your order cannot be delivered or if it cannot be delivered in time, we will contact you. Together we will find an appropriate solution.

In case the postal package is visibly damaged, we request you to refuse it. In case you accept the damaged package, you lose the opportunity to complain about the order. In case of deficiencies or other complaints you should report this within 7 days, describing clearly the complaint and your contact information. Settling the complaint depends on the situation but is always done in dialogue with the customer.

The purchase agreement between and the buyer is valid from the moment the order confirmation is sent by e-mail to the customer.

All prices include Dutch sales taxes, excluding other governmental charges. In case the buyer is not in the country of shipment, the buyer is responsible for any extra taxes or customs duty. Moreover, the shipping costs are typically higher.

The shipping costs are calculated based on your order. 

The ordered articles are ready for shipping within 3 business days after receipt of payment. is never liable for any damage that is the consequence of delayed delivery. can take care of shipping by means of regular mail or any other way. The ownership of the products changes on the moment of delivery, given that the products are paid for. is entitled to fulfill the delivery in parts.

IMPORTANT: In case you, for any reason whatsoever, want to renounce your order, you should react through e-mail or telephone within 48 hours. assumes that, in case you have not reacted within this period, the order is binding.

Data and privacy
We handle personal data with great care and we will never provide it to others without permission. We kindly request you to fill in your phone number aside from your e-mail address so that we, if necessary, can contact you. complies with the regulations of the protection of personal data under Dutch law. Customers shall always have the opportunity to see, edit or delete data about themselves.

Let us know if you have any complaints! This can be done via e-mail or postal mail. We can then find a workable solution. By placing an order, you declare to accept these terms and conditions. cannot be held accountable for deviating prices, images or texts.

When something is wrong with your strand of gratitude beads please let us know. Within 3 months from purchase we will mend it at no extra cost (except shipment). PLease contact us by e-mail when something is wrong with your strand.

Be extra careful with small children because of the danger of choking. The foundation cannot be held accountable in case of such an accident, because the beads are intended for older kids and adults and not as toys.