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Schools / universities Upa Yoga

Students at the HAS  in den Bosch can come weekly to Upa Yoga. Mail us for more information:

We organise free Upa Yoga sessions at schools for students teachers and parents.

Mondaymorning 10 o’clock. Six Isha Foundation volunteers from all corners of Holland gather together in Geleen, Limburg. Today we’re offering live upa yoga at the spiritual school IBBO. One of the first offerings of our Youth&Truth campaign. Our Isha Hatha yoga teacher Estella King, points out efficiantly what preparations need to be done. Within the hour the room is transformed into a consecrated space.
We gave a Total of three (2 hour) upa yoga sessions. First to students, followed by the group of teachers and ending with a session for parents. It was a great experience, grace was tangible. The warm welcome and willingness of everybody connected to the school was heartwarming. The devotion of all the volunteers leave me lost for words. Rein who demonstrated the practices was a natural and nothing missed teacher Estella’s eyes.
I feel so gratefull to have been part of this extraordinary day.