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The foundation

Wave of Gratitude
“The best things in life that happened to me, I owe to other people. They wished their happiness upon me and I… I was open to it. This made me able and willing to share with others.
This movement – from one person to the next – for me, is the beginning of a wave of gratitude.
The best that is unfolding in my life is to experience my source, Life itself, beyond my body, emotions and thoughts.
In this, Sadhguru is everything to me. Many people have helped me to get to the point where Sadhguru could touch me. In gratitude for Sadhguru and all those people, I am committed to propelling the wave forward on a daily basis. I hope this wave will touch you too.”
Founder wave of gratitude,

Wave of Gratitude is located in the Netherlands. The foundation is officially registered under the name (dankbaar is Dutch for grateful).
All proceeds from the shop will benefit to let young people know how to attain and maintain an inner state of joy .
We are currently working on a video series “Touched by Sadhguru”.

We are all volunteers.
Lisette Doesburg – chairman
Pieter Doesburg – treasurer
Alexandra Tsilavis – secretary
Els Visser
Erik Visser
Dubravka Breljakovic foundation
The foundation was founded in 2011 and is registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (53801369).
Fiscal code: 851023344
For Dutch donors: has an ANBI status

Data and privacy
We handle personal data with great care and we will never provide it to others without permission. We kindly request you to fill in your phone number aside from your e-mail address so that we, if necessary, can contact you. complies with the regulations of the protection of personal data under Dutch law. Customers shall always have the opportunity to see, edit or delete data about themselves.

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