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Cell phone plug
Planting Trees


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It is necessary to plant enough trees now, if we want to give our current youth a healthy future. A healthy living environment is the basis for being able to live joyfully. We also know that it doesn’t matter where the trees end up. The earth needs a certain number of trees to stay healthy. We have been touched by the huge operation that is going on in India. For the amount of a small bunch of flowers you can plant 10 trees.

Limited edition

Now July 2019, Sadhguru launched Cauvery Calling
How it started:
When Sadhguru drove on his motorcycle through India for Rally for Rivers, we were asked to call a number to vote for healthy rivers. That is where the idea for a cellphoneplug comes from. It helps you remember that the Rally for Rivers continues.

The Rally for Rivers initiative; an awareness campaign to revive India’s rivers, which is of global importance. See what Rally for rivers achieved in two years here

For  €8,-
this amount includes worldwide shipping,
you donate 10 trees

When ordering  please write the shipping adress of your friend, you can add a personal note or greeting in the comment.

Your friend will receive:
* a postcard wishing Mother Earth and your friend well
* a cellphone plug  with a tree pendant to remind us how grateful we can be for trees and a blue gratitude bead, resembling a drop of river water
* blue wire. If your friend doesn’t want to use the plug he/ she can make a bracelet or a  necklace, or tie the tree for example on a bag.

Please note: when the pendant is used, it will change colour

Just a thought In the Netherlands it is quite common to bring flowers when you visit someone for a dinner or birthday. A nice little bunch of flowers costs around 10 to 15 euros. If they are good flowers they stand for 14 days. For 8 euros you can donate 10 trees for Cauvery Calling. How long will they last?

Here you find all information about Cauvery Calling, please gossip!

Thanks for your support and donation to plant trees for a healthy living environment for future generations!

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