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Wave of gratitude originated from my personal longing to be rooted in gratitude.
I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t able to be grateful 24 /7.

I ran into Sadhguru on YouTube one day. From that moment on he has been a fundamental part of my life.
Sadhguru nurtures the roots of humanity, he knows how to bring us to bloom.

Now, slowly and subtle life is changing within me, nothing seems the same anymore. I don’t even know if I can call it gratitude, it’s beyond words. The focus on gratitude definitely pointed me in the right direction though!
What started as a small drop, has now grown into a larger group of volunteers focused on a wave of gratitude. Our focus lies on the inner wellbeing of young people.

Years ago we came together with the idea to make gratitudebeads to keep our focus on gratitude. We wanted to focus on small things in life which usually don’t get attention, slowly we became aware of them. It took some years to grow to the moment Happinez magazine interviewed us. The publicity helped us to sell many sets of gratitudebeads. Some time later the article was published in the French Happinez, what brought us more new customers.
We received such heartwarming messages from our customers, which was a great encouragement to keep going on. Thanks to all our customers we ‘ve created a fund.
We took our time to look carefully where and how we wanted to spend the money people trusted to us. In the Youth & Truth campain we see all what we were aiming for comming together.
Oktober 2019 Sadhguru will be on tour in Europe (also in Amsterdam) to talk to students to continue the campain he started in India, september 2018.
We are taking steps to support students financially, to take the life changing Inner Engineering program. For that we are working together with Isha volunteers to give free Isha Yoga seccions at schools and universities. We hope to contribute Sadhguru is known by more people and gratitude will flow from us all.

Initiator Lisette