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Gratitude Beads

About our gratitude beads

Gratitude beads – a gift from heart to heart, that helps you pay attention to all of the good things in your life. Every bead represents something that you are grateful for. Gratitude beads are a tool for being more aware of gratitude in your life, also in difficult times!

A set of gratitude beads helps to focus your attention on all the good things in your life. Every bead represents something you are grateful for. In different cultures, prayer beads have been used for centuries. It is a proven way to focus your spirit. You can give the strand its own place or put it in your pocket. You will find more information in the booklet that is provided with the beads. 

Why 16 beads?

A strand of gratitude beads is made up of 16 beads. In ancient buildings and in holy locations you often find the ratio of 10:16. This ratio stems from holy geometry and evokes beauty in our sense of perception. It brings us in contact with the source of wisdom and gives us a healing energy. In many holy places you will find the same energy, for example in the cathedral of Chartres and the pyramids of Gizeh. The same healing energy is created if you place 16 approximately equal shapes next to each other, such as in a set of gratitude beads.
This energy helps you stay balanced. Also the word ‘gratefulness’ adds to this energy.

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